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Tasmania strong.

For the common good, back an open Tasmania and give local businesses more opportunity to get ahead.

Greater local prosperity.

Free trade, increased overseas investment, lower tax and less red tape means higher incomes for Tasmanians.

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Why a competitive economy is vital for Tasmania’s future.

We may be a small state at the bottom of the world, but we enjoy a massive reputation globally for the quality of our wine, beef, cheese, salmon, beer and other local products. And one of the best things we can do to keep Tasmanian products at centre-stage, is make sure we’re able to compete with the big players.

A competitive economy means Tasmania can kick it with bigger businesses on the mainland, or in Asia, Europe and America.

Our Tassie Business Growth Checklist shows what Tasmania needs to keep its economy growing strongly: more investment, less red tape, lower tax, and more free trade agreements.

Free trade allows a simple cow from a paddock in Bracknell to end up as a top of the range steak in Tokyo, with the dinner bill bringing profits back to Tasmanian businesses and contributing to local workers’ wages.

Shutting up shop and rejecting investment won’t do anything for the long term future of Tasmania or Australia. All it will do is give our international competitors an edge over us and reduce the chances of bringing jobs and prosperity back to local communities. Tasmania’s continued openness is a key element in attracting overseas investment in our products, businesses and people.

The truth is, it would be the little guys who suffer most if we locked down trade and investment, and kept unnecessary red tape. Our dairy farmers would have fewer customers, our salmon farmers would face shrinking markets, our wine-makers would find outlets drying up, our local businesses would have less investment opportunities, and none of us would benefit from the global demand for Australian products that Tasmania is driving.

We simply can’t afford to let that happen – for the common good, back an open Tasmania and give Tassie businesses every opportunity to lead the way!


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Tasmania making what the world needs.

Tasmanians have the work ethic and expertise to produce a wide range of stuff for the world to buy.

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Tassie’s steely determination.

Australia’s free trade agreements mean we can sell more stuff to the world, without incurring hefty tariffs.

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  • More Investment – Tasmania needs to be able to attract investment to grow
  • Less Red Tape – over-the-top regulations make it hard for Tassie small businesses to actually get working
  • More Free Trade Agreements – our world-class producers need more opportunities to get their stuff in shops all over the world
  • Lower Tax – Tassie businesses face enough barriers as it is, they don’t need high tax stopping them from competing with the big players
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