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it’s time to change South Australia’s trading hours.

A fair go for workers, businesses and consumers.

Restricted trading hours are costing workers and their families.

Tell Parliament to let businesses open and create jobs and income for South Australians.

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South Australia’s trading hours need to be updated

South Australia’s trading hours need to be updated to help us all make the most of the modern retail environment. Common sense says it’s time to make a positive change.

The Shop Trading Act restricts the times that shops can open and what goods they can sell. In effect, it actively prevents workers from working and shoppers from shopping at certain times on Sunday mornings and Public Holidays.

But retailers in other states and online are still trading, still paying workers, still supporting local producers such as farmers and winemakers, still generating income for their local communities. The Shop Trading Act is holding South Australia back.

Of course, making a change to the trading regulations won’t affect those of us who love a lie in on Sunday or who enjoy taking a day off at the weekend, but it could make a positive difference to thousands of other South Australians:

Consumers would have greater choice and be encouraged to spend locally rather than drive long distances to find the products they need.
Workers would be able to earn extra income to help support their families.
Retailers would finally have a level playing field to help them compete against inter-state and online competitors.
Tourists would be able to shop at their convenience and not be frustrated by out of date trading hours that create a negative impression of South Australia as a holiday destination.

For the common good, we all need to tell Parliament to relax the regulations and trust South Australian retailers to choose when they are open for trade.


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Australia is open for business. Except for us.

Why are businesses in other states open for business while our doors remain closed? It’s time to change South Australia’s restrictive trading hours.

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Almost everyone agrees on the need for urgent action to deregulate SA trading hours.

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South Australia’s trading hours are stuck in the past. Updating them will see:

  • Workers getting the choice to pick up hours
  • Shoppers getting more choice to shop when it suits
  • Shops getting the choice to open longer

Pledge your support for change and get a fair go for South Australian workers and shoppers.

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