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For the Common Good is a non-partisan organisation powered by the Business Council of Australia.

In an increasingly polarised Australia, the loudest voices don’t represent the majority of Australians, people who just want to get on with their lives, work hard, take care of their families and contribute to the community. For the Common Good is about giving these Australians a voice.

Our work is driven by the belief that all businesses, when given a fair go, create prosperity and welfare for all Australians.

We believe in common sense policies that help Australian businesses of all sizes create jobs, lift incomes and get ahead under their own steam.

We believe that Australian interests are best served by: 

Lower taxes: Allowing Australian households and businesses to keep more of their own money.

Less regulation: Reducing the amount of red tape that creates unnecessary barriers for Australian businesses and workers.

More trade: Helping Australian businesses sell their products all over the world and giving Australians more choice when they’re shopping.

More investment: Encouraging Australian and overseas businesses to invest in Australia, to grow our economy and create jobs.

Supporting small business: Giving small businesses the opportunity to grow.

What we campaign on

We campaign on local and national issues, ranging from regulation, tax and skills to trade and investment, that have a major impact on the ability of Australian businesses, small, medium and big, to create jobs, pay higher salaries, and grow.

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